Sambar Powder an Authentic recipe from my MOM

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Sambar powder is one of the flavourful ingredient to make Sambar, a popular south Indian lentil based gravy. Each home has their own signature recipe for the Sambar powder. Here, I share my mom’s latest version, which we usually prepare at our home. My mom makes the absolutely best and  mouth-watering Sambar! Typical ingredients of this Sambar Powder includes roasted lentils, coriander seeds, dried whole red chillies and other aromatic spices.


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Ingredients for Sambar Powder :

1/4kg Guntur and Byadige dried red chillies in equal quantities

1/4kg Cumin seeds/Jeera/Jeelakara

1/4kg Coriander seeds/Dhania/Dhaniyalu

1 cup Fresh curry leaves/Karivepaaku / Kadi patta

1 cup split Black gram dal/Urad dal/Minappapu

2 tsp Asafetida/Hing/Inguva

½ cup Mustard seeds/Rai/Avalu

1 cup Bengal gram dal/Channa dal/Senaga pappu

1 cup Pepper or ½ quntitiy of Cumin seeds

1 fistful Fenugreek Seeds / Methi / Menthulu


To prepare Sambar Powder :

  1. In a fry pan Dry roast all the above mentioned ingredients separately .
    2. Make sure that all the ingredients are nicely cooked in a very slow flame, to ensure, just fold the red chilli and it should break in to pieces in no time. If all the ingredients are cooked good they can be powdered easily.
    3. Switch off the flame and let all ingredients cool for 10 mins
    4. Before grinding all the ingredients, grind red chillies into corse powder and mix well with the other ingredients. Finally grind them in to a fine powder. Let Sambar Powder get room temperature then store it in an airtight jar.
  2. We can use this powder to prepare Sambar, Tilisaar, Bassar and for Curries.


Tips / Notes :

  • Store it in airtight glass jar and if required keep it in refrigerator.
  • Use only dry spoons to increase the shelf life.
  • Pick, clean the spices like coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds.
  • Make sure that the dry red chilies do not have mold from inside by just breaking them and check if there is any whitish or greyish mold inside.


So try this recipe and write back to us…We love to hear from you.

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